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Couldn’t put it down. Rob’s previous book, Beyond the Grate, was really good, but a bit improbable in parts. This book, Into the Darkness, really nails Florida cave diving and gets all the details right. You feel like you are actually there. I am already looking forward to the next book. – 5-star Amazon review

I absolutely enjoyed this sequel and was pleasantly surprised to see that the author took us on a completely new adventure. While I realize that the stories are fictional, the basis for many of them and the technical nature of the diving are page turners!

There’s something fun about rooting for the underdog and Joey plays the part well. I love Lindsey as the better diver, but seeing her pulled in again and the resulting passionate person emerge is a reminder that she’s as much a main character as Joey. This is particularly aided with the authors use of her perspective throughout the book—so cool!!!

Having dived these caves makes the read a bit of a trip through my memories and makes me want to see and dive more!
– 5-star Amazon review

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Rob Neto’s second novel, Into the Darkness Beyond, the second in the Joey Simmons Beyond series, has been released! Click the link to take you to the order page.

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There will be a special edition wraparound jacketed hardcover edition of Into the Darkness Beyond!!! Pre-orders now being accepted. Books should be ready to mail out mid-February.

Rob Neto’s Beyond the Grate, his debut novel and the first in the Joey Simmons and Lindsey Carter series, won the 2023 Global Books Award Silver Medal in Suspense Thrillers! The reviews were fantastic. Many readers claimed to hold their breath and felt anxiety while reading Beyond the Grate.

Into the Darkness Beyond is certain to create even more intense feelings. Rob read every review on Beyond the Grate and used every suggestion to improve this second book. More underwater scenes. More dialogue between characters. And more excitement throughout!

Into the Darkness Beyond will get your heart racing as you read about the new adventures of Joey and Lindsey in the underwater caves of the Florida panhandle!

Joey Simmons doesn’t always make the best decision, even after getting certified as a cave diver. He’s found himself in another situation, this time more than 2000 feet from the cave opening, and it almost cost him his life. He was able to get himself out of it. Only this time, someone else took credit for rescuing Joey. Not only that, but this person exaggerated the details of the rescue and made Joey look bad, very bad. Now Joey needs to figure out a way to redeem himself and repair his reputation.

Joey enlists the help of his girlfriend, Lindsey Carter, as well as two new friends, and they try to figure out what to do. But the situation gets worse and Lindsey gets caught in the middle.

How will Joey and Lindsey be able to make things right?

For more information on Beyond the Grate, and to purchase your copy, click the link to visit the website.

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