Great cave diving novel
Reviewed in the United States

Couldn’t put it down. Rob’s previous book, Beyond the Grate, was really good, but a bit improbable in parts. This book, Into the Darkness, really nails Florida cave diving and gets all the details right. You feel like you are actually there. I am already looking forward to the next book.

What an awesome story of cave karma!
Reviewed in the United States

I absolutely enjoyed this sequel and was pleasantly surprised to see that the author took us on a completely new adventure. While I realize that the stories are fictional, the basis for many of them and the technical nature of the diving are page turners!

There’s something fun about rooting for the underdog and Joey plays the part well. I love Lindsey as the better diver, but seeing her pulled in again and the resulting passionate person emerge is a reminder that she’s as much a main character as Joey. This is particularly aided with the authors use of her perspective throughout the book—so cool!!!

Having dived these caves makes the read a bit of a trip through my memories and makes me want to see and dive more!

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One of few books I’ve read had to read that “spoiler” skip ahead, go back and finish. I couldn’t handle the suspence, irritation! I can’t believe a cave diving story could do that..keep writing dude.

I’m honored to read this book, I had so many comments and deleted. It was Great fun looking up the places mentioned in book, in blue hole especially. It was so damn good I had to read ahead, which I never do!

Finally finished the book an hour ago, it was a great read – message received about 36 hours after release on Kindle from someone who had to work that day!